About Us

In India and abroad one name is heard high among the Publishers of Engineering and Computer Books and it is M/s. S. K. Kataria & Sons lovingly abridged as Katson Books.
It is imparting versatile knowledge to the readers and leads the students from the chaos and confusion to the crystal clear world of wisdom and knowledge. It provides wings to student to flutter in all tough fields of competition and perch on the zenith branch of success and fame. Our success barely depends on:
Selection of authors who have a profound knowledge and experience in the area of their works.
Exam oriented package programmers for the students and teachers in all our books.
Easy and simple language system diligently used in all our books.
Solved problems and questioners added for the extra benefit of the students.
The quality printing and diagrams.
We started our publication in 1969 in the egg and embryo form with all the infirmities and limitation but the burning desire to juvenile it is getting accomplished by the ever increasing readers and customers both from the motherland and alive countries gained by our unique successes profile which we adopted and adapted diligently to the purpose. We even now solicit for your co-operation and encouragement, as we are devoted to selfless service to the learning community.