A Textbook of Material Science

Er. R.K. Rajput

A Textbook of Material Science


Unit-I • Introduction: Perspective and Importance of Engineering Materials • Atomic Models Periodic Table and Chemical Bonding • Crystallography • Imperfections (Defects) in Solids.
Unit-II • Mechanical Properties and Testing • Microstructural Examination-Identification of Metals and Alloys • Phase Diagram and Equilibrium Diagram.
Unit-III • Ferrous Metals and Alloys • Heat Treatment • Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys .
Unit-IV • Magnetic Properties • Electric Properties • Diffusion in Solids.
Unit-V • Ceramics • Polymers/Plastics and Composite Materials • Performance of Materials in Service (Fracture, Fatigue and Corrosion and its Control)
• Laboratory Practicals
• Short Answer Questions
• Question Papers
• Index.

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