Irrigation Engineering & Hydraulics Structures

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AuthorS.R. Sahasrabudhe
PublisherS.K. Kataria & Sons
Edition3rd 2011
Publish Year2011
Total Pages1000
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Part-I: Irrigation Engineering and Management of Irrigation Water
• Introduction • Principles of Water Management-Soils-Water-Crops and Their Relationship (I) • Soils-Water-Crops and Their Relationship (II) (Water Requirements of Crops) • Flow or Canal Irrigation • Design of Irrigation Canals (On Alluvial and Non-Alluvial Soils) • Construction and Maintenance of Irrigation Canals • Losses in Canals and Lining of Irrigation Canals (Design of Lined Canals) • Methods of Irrigation • Water-Logging and its Remedies (Including Drainage and Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground Water) • Irrigation Water Management • Tank Irrigation • Sprinkler Irrigation Micro Irrigation (I) • Drip Irrigation Micro Irrigation (II) • Investigation and Preparation of Irrigation Projects • Important Irrigation Projects (Constructed After Independence).
Part-II: Ground Water Engineering and Irrigation by Wells
• Fundamentals of Ground Water • Hydraulics of Wells • Tube Well Irrigation • Open Well Irrigation • Techniques of Ground Water Development • Ground Water Quality.
Part-III: Headworks and Canal Structures
• Rivers their Behaviour and Training • Canal Headworks • Weirs on Permeable Foundation • Canal Regulators • Falls (Drops) and Flumes • Cross Drainage Works • Structures for Silt Control • Outlets and Tail Clusters.
Part-IV: Engineering Hydrology
• Elements of Hydrology • Precipitation and its Measurement • Water Losses (Interception, Infiltration and Evaporation) • Stream Gauging • Runoff • Estimation of Peak Flow and Flood Routing.
Part-V: Reservoirs and Storage Dams
• Reservoirs and Their Regulation • Types of Dams and Foundation Treatment • Gravity Dams • Arch and Buttress Dams • Earth and Rockfill Dams • Spillways, Sluices and Crest Gates (Including Energy Dissipators) • Hydropower Stations • Appendices • Index

  • Author : S.R. Sahasrabudhe
  • Publisher : S.K. Kataria & Sons
  • Edition : 3rd 2011
  • Reprint : 2018
  • Publishing Year : 2011
  • Total Pages : 1000

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Irrigation Engineering & Hydraulics Structures


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