A Textbook of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Er. R.K. Rajput

A Textbook of Refrigeration & Air Conditioning


Introduction to S.I. Units and Conversion Factors
Part-I: Refrigeration: • Fundamentals of Refrigeration • Air-refrigeration Cycles and Systems • Simple Vapour Compression Refrigeration System • Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems with Multiple Evaporators and Compressors • Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System • Steam Jet Refrigeration System • Low Temperature Refrigeration (Cryogenics) • Non-Conventional Refrigeration Systems • Refrigerants, Driers and Lubricants • Refrigeration, Components and Controls • Defrosting Methods.
Part-II: Air-conditioning: • Psychrometrics • Human Comfort • Air-Conditioning Systems • Air-Conditioning Equipment, Components and Controls • Duct and Air-Distribution Systems • Fans • Load Estimation • Measuring Instruments–Air-Conditioning
Part-III: Miscellaney: • Thermal Insulation • Applications of Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning • Maintenance and Repair of Commercial and Domestic Equipment • Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Tools • Universities’ Questions (Latest) with Solution • GATE and UPSC Examinations’ Questions (Latest Selected) with Answers/Solutions • Appendices • Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Tables and Charts (Including Psychrometric Chart) • Index.

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