Engineering Mechanics (Statics & Dynamics)

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AuthorDr. D.S. Kumar
PublisherS.K. Kataria & Sons
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• Basic Concepts • Co-Planar Forces • Moment of Force and Parallel Forces • Concurrent Forces in Space • Plane Trusses and Frames • Cables and Strings • Centre Points: Centroid and Centre of Gravity • Moment of Inertia: Area and Mass • Friction • Lifting Machines • Shear Force and Bending Moment • Virtual Work Dynamics: Kinematics and Kinetics • Rectilinear and Curvilinear Motion • Projectiles • Rotation and General Plane Motion • Simple Harmonic Motion and Vibrations • Impact: Collision of Elastic Bodies • Kinetics: Impulse, Momentum, Work and Energy • Kinetics of Rigid Body (Rotary Motion) • Power Transmission: Methods and Devices • Index.

  • Author : Dr. D.S. Kumar
  • Publisher : S.K. Kataria & Sons

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Engineering Mechanics (Statics & Dynamics)


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