Basic Electrical Engineering

Short Description:-Basic Elec
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AuthorJ.B. Gupta
PublisherS.K. Kataria & Sons
Publish Year2001
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• Introductory Concepts
Unit-I: Electrical Circuit Analysis
• DC Circuit Analysis • AC Fundamentals
Unit-II: Steady-State Analysis of Single Phase AC Circuits
• Single Phase Series Circuits • Complex Notations and Circuit Analysis • Single Phase Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits • Resonance in R-L-C Circuits • Network Theorems (DC and AC)
Unit-III: Three-Phase AC Circuits and Measuring Instruments
• Three-Phase AC Circuits • Measuring Instruments
Unit-IV: Magnetic Circuits and Single-Phase Transformers
• Magnetic Circuits • Single-Phase Transformers
Unit-V: Electrical Machines
• DC Machines-I (Generators) • DC Machines-II (Motors) • Three-Phase Induction Motors • Single-Phase Motors • Three-Phase Synchronous Machines • Experiments • Examination Papers • Index.

  • Author : J.B. Gupta
  • Publisher : S.K. Kataria & Sons
  • Publishing Year : 2001

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Basic Electrical Engineering


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