Basic Electrical Engineering (AICTE)

J.B. Gupta

Basic Electrical Engineering (AICTE)


Introductory Concepts • Basic Concepts and Definitions
Module-1: DC Circuits • DC Circuits • Time-Domain Analysis of First-Order R-L and R-C Circuits
Module-2:Steady-State Analysis of Single Phase AC Circuits • AC Fundamentals • Single Phase Series Circuits • Complex Notations and Circuit Analysis • Single Phase Parallel and Series-Parallel Circuits • Resonance in R-L-C Circuits • Three-Phase AC Circuits
Module-3: Transformers • Magnetic Materials and Electromagnetic Induction • Transformers
Module-4: Electrical Machine • DC Machines • Three-Phase Synchronous Machines • Three-Phase Induction Motors • Single-Phase Induction Motors
Module-5: Power Converters • Power Converters
Module-6: Electrical Installations, Electrical measuring Instruments and Miscellaneous Topics • Electrical Installations • Batteries • Electrical Measuring Instruments
• Miscellaneous Topics • Index.

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