Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics

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AuthorDr. Ritu Soryan
PublisherS.K. Kataria & Sons
Edition1st 2022
Publish Year2022
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­­Part—1: Introduction to Value Education
Understanding Value Education
Self-Exploration Process for Value Education
Human Aspirations
Prosperity and Happiness
Understanding and Living in Harmony at Various Levels

Part—2:   Harmony in Myself – Understanding Harmony in The Human Being
Understanding Human Being as a Co-Existence of The Sentient ‘I’ and the Material ‘Body’
Understanding the need of self (I) and body-Sukh and Suvidha
Understanding the Body as an Instrument of Self (I)
Understanding the Characteristics and Activities of ‘I’ and Harmony in ‘I’
Understanding the Harmony of ‘I’ with Body

Part—3:   Family & Society – Understanding Harmony in Various Relations
Understanding Harmony in Family Relations
Values in Human-Human Relations
Understanding Harmony in the Society
Vision of Universal Harmonious Society

Part—4: Harmony in the Nature and Existence–Whole Existence as Co-existence
Understanding Harmony in Nature
Interconnectedness and Mutual Fulfilment in Nature
Understanding Existence as Co-existence and Harmony at all Levels of Existence

Part—5:   Implementation of Holistic Harmony on Professional Ethics
Natural Acceptance of Human Values & Ethical Human Conduct
Professional Ethics and Competence
Values and Business .... Code of Conduct
Transition to Universal.... Human Order

  • Author : Dr. Ritu Soryan
  • Publisher : S.K. Kataria & Sons
  • Edition : 1st 2022
  • Publishing Year : 2022
  • Total Pages : 325

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Universal Human Values and Professional Ethics


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