A Course in Power Systems

J.B. Gupta

A Course in Power Systems


Part-I: Generation and Economic Considerations
• Introductory • Hydroelectric Power Plants • Steam Power Plants • Nuclear Power Plants • Diesel Electric Power Plants • Gas Turbine Power Plants • Non Conventional Methods of Power Generation • Selection of Power Plant • Economic Operation of Power Plants  • Combined Operation of Power Plants • Environmental Aspects of Electric Energy Generation • Cogeneration and Energy Conservation • Interconnected Systems • Power Plants Economics • Tariffs and Power Factor Improvement • Objective Type Questions
Part-II: Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power
• Supply Systems • Mechanical Design of Overhead Lines • Overhead Line Insulators • Corona • Transmission Line Constants • Performance of Short and Medium Transmission Lines • Performance of Long Transmission Lines • Underground Cables • DC Distribution • AC Distribution • Insulation Resistance of a System • Interference of Power Lines with Neighbouring Communication Lines • Extra High Voltage (EHV) AC Transmission • High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Transmission • Construction, Testing and Commissioning of Overhead Lines • Objective Type Questions
Part-III: Switchgear and Protection
• Introductory • Representation of Power System Components • Symmetrical Components • Symmetrical Fault Analysis
• Unsymmetrical Fault Analysis • Fuses • Circuit Breaking • Circuit Breakers • Protective Relays • Static Relays • Protection of AC Generators and Motors • Transformer Protection • Bus-Bar Protection • Protection of Feeders and Transmission Lines • Protection against Overvoltages due to Lightning • Travelling Waves • Insulation Co-ordination • Power System Earthing • Voltage Control • Substations • Power System Stability • Power Flow Studies
• Objective Type Questions • Index.

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