Universal English (In the Twenty-First Century)

Dr. P. Prasad

Universal English (In the Twenty-First Century)


Introduction • The Concept of Word Formation and Vocabulary • Root Words from Foreign Languages and their Use in English • Prefixes and Suffixes from Foreign Languages in English to Form Derivatives • Structure of Sentences and Clauses • Punctuation and Capitalization • Common Errors in Writing • Sensible Wriring • Comprehension, Precis and Essays • Writing Skills in Business and Public Administration in India • Business Correspondence • Phonetics • Listening Skills • Meetings, Attending Telephone and Mobile Phone Skills • Speaking Skills • Networking and Negotiation Skills • Conclusion • Index.

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ISBN 978-93-5014-676-7
Book Name Universal English (In the Twenty-First Century)
Publisher S.K. Kataria & Sons
Binding Paperback
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